How do I customize the left navigation section of Integrify?

Skill Level: Advanced

The left navigation can be customized to have any content you desire.  This allows you to create tighter integration with other systems from a content standpoint, or provide process specific help to end-users among other things.  The left navigation is in xml format, so make sure that you understand that markup language prior to making any changes.

Customizing the left nav requires access to the application server hosting Integrify, so private cloud and public cloud customers will need to submit a help request on the Integrify Support Portal for assistance.  For OnPremise customers, the proper steps to make changes to your navigation are below.

  1. Log into the server desktop environment that is hosting Integrify
  2. Using file manager/windows explorer, browse to \integrify\app\service\navigation
  3. Create a new folder with the same name as your Integrify instance.  If you do not know your instance name, it can be found within the application itself by navigating to Administration > System Settings > System Configuration Settings and viewing the ID parameter.
  4. Copy the LeftNav-New.xml file into the folder you created in the step above.
  5. Open the file with a reliable text editor and make your changes.
  6. Restart Integrify using the OnPremise Manager.

We recommend testing these changes in a non-production capacity if you have the means.  Also, keep in mind that any Integrify implemented changes to the LeftNav-New.xml file will not be included in your custom left nav if you update.  You will have to make the changes manually.  It is a good idea to document the changes you make here so that you can duplicate the changes if the file is updated by Integrify.


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