Running the Integrify OnPremise Manager

This document will walk you through starting the Integrify OnPremise Manager.  The OnPremise Manager allows you to manage the installation, configuration, and maintenance of your Integrify application.

  1. First you must log onto your Integrify Application Server via remote desktop or sitting at the console.

  2. Once your login is complete, you can then load the Integrify OnPremise Manager.  Depending on the version of Windows you are running, accessing the application from the start menu may look like one of the following:


  3. The Integrify OnPremise Manager requires elevated privileges to run properly, so you will receive the following dialog once you click the icon to run the application.  Click 'Yes' to continue loading the OnPremise Manager.

  4. Behind the scenes, a command line window will be opened.  Do not close this window until you are done using the OnPremise Manager.  If this is not your first time running the OnPremise Manager, please advance to step 6.  Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter a username and password that will be used to secure access to the OnPremise Manager.  The credentials you supply to these prompts are in no way used elsewhere within Integrify. They are solely for the OnPremise Manager. Type in the username of your choice and hit the <Enter> key.  Afterwards, type in you the desired password and hit the <Enter> key.

  5. After entering the credentials that will be used to secure the OnPremise Manager, you will be prompted for a port to run the OnPremise Manager.   If you are unsure, or okay with the default of 8001,  simply hit the <Enter> key to accept the default.  If you are certain that the default port is already in use on your system, you can type a new port number, and hit the <Enter> key.

  6. The OnPremise Manager host window should now load, and start running the OnPremise Manager application.

  7. Your selected default browser should launch automatically and load a new tab assigned to the Integrify OnPremise Manager, at which point you will be prompted for the credentials you setup during your initial run of the OnPremise Manager (step 4).  If the site does not load automatically, or to enter back into the OnPremise Manager if you accidentally close your browser, use http://localhost:8001 or http://localhost:<port>  whereport is the port you provided during the initial run of the OnPremise Manager (step 5).

  8. Once your credentials are accepted, you will be logged into the application. From here you can select the desired management feature you intend to complete.

  9. Once you are finished managing your Integrify instance, you are free to close your browser, or browser tab containing the Integrify OnPremise Manager, and close the command line window.

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