Release 66.161.2101 (December 2016)


  • New configuration setting to lock the portal URL used when redirecting after Database or Windows authentication. Using this setting will force the user to the default portal after logging in. The widget API is not compatible with this setting.
  • Added ANY ROW or NO ROW tests against line item question types for use in start rules.

Bug Fixes:

  • 14818 - Added access to instance_data_ext tables to reporting functions
  • 15244 - Standard form attachments can now be prefilled from developer form 'file' fields
  • 15254 - Adjusted the rendering of "x" on file attachments.
  • 15266 - Fixed incorrect delegation assignments when using saml or api endpoints
  • 15283 - username changes now only affect changed user in contact_auth
  • fixed issue with copy of temp files to attachment directory in developer form

Bug Fixes (66.161.2102):

  • Fixed portal white-listing
  • Fixed how lineitem questions are passed to and from launch request tasks.
  • Fixed issue with Guest account use in Widget API when access token is expired or deleted.
  • Fixed requirement of unneeded fields in Database Sources.


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