Release 65.160.3101 (March 2016)



  • 13580 - Security update to remove URL from error messages to avoid CSS attacks
  • Security update to accept only valid script runners.


  • 13511 - Increased allowed count for MultiContactSearch and MultiFileAttachments (3.5x)
  • 13581 - iapi_var in request token handling to prevent text pass through
  • Added ability to include an email body and subject template with a new comment.
  • Added healthcheck/info endpoint
  • Added ability to update and delete comments through API
  • Updated file line to use file_key as an attribute
  • Updated impersonate to remove decimal places and trailing zeros in expires setting
  • Update to redis 3

Bug Fixes:

  • 13353 - Dynamic Name configurations persist when a copy or version of the process is made
  • 13660 - Dynamic notification now uses email addresses from only latest iteration of a form.
  • Database Push and Pull task now save connection strings for custom DB sources correctly
  • Launch Request settings cleanup




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