Welcome to Our New Help Site

Integrify's Help and Documentation site has been improved to help you more easily find the Integrify information you need.

The improvements include: 

  • Better and more relevant search to find answers faster
  • A new user community for asking questions and sharing with other users
  • Additional content including troubleshooting and frequently asked questions
  • A cleaner, faster and more modern interface
  • A better platform for adding new functionality down the road

We think the new site will help you use Integrify even better. Let us know your thoughts.


Also, as of February 29 we will no longer be including Version 5.X information online. If you are still on Integrify 5.X and would like a copy of the documentation please contact us at support@integrify.com.

If you'd like to take this opportunity upgrade to Version 6, please contact support at support@integrify.com or simply submit a support ticket.


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