Advanced Mobile Documentation

Integrify Mobile was designed to meet basic “on-the-go” approval and request needs.  Use of the traditional browser-based application is required to develop and manage processes and work with requests that rely heavily on scripted calculations and dynamic functionality. As such, due to its complexity, the Custom Grid Plugin will not work via Integrify Mobile.

To assist clients in determining whether Mobile will support their more advanced needs we have prepared the following chart outlining the supported Question, Task and Form Types.  Please feel free to reach out to the Learning or Support teams should you have any additional questions or concerns.


Question Types

Question Type Supported
Calendar yes
Contact Search yes
Display Label no
Email yes
File Attachment yes
Line Item Sums no
Line items no
Link yes
Long Text yes
Multichoice Checkbox yes
Multichoice Radio Button yes
Multichoice Select yes
Multicontact Search yes
Multifile Attachment yes
Number yes
Password yes
Rich Text no
Search Box yes
Shorttext yes
TimeZone yes
YesNo yes



Tasktype Supported
Approval yes
Developer Form yes
Form yes
Milestone yes
Open URL yes


Form Features

Form Feature Supported
Custom Button Text yes
Custom Javascript no
Custom Regex yes
Help Text yes
Hide Save Draft Button yes
Hide Question yes
Multiple Pages yes
Read-only Settings yes
Save Draft yes

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