Configure a Line Item Question

Line Item / Line Item Sum Question Type

The Line Item and Line Item Sum question types work together to allow Line Item entry in forms. Line Item questions enable users to enter specific line item data, and Line Item Sum questions display the sums of the relevant columns. Line Item and Line Item Sum question types must be configured before they can be used. After adding a Line Item or Line Item Sum question to a form, click on the edit (Pencil) icon to open the advanced configuration.

Line Item Configuration

Click on the “Line Items” tab in this window to configure the information to be entered in this question:

  • Label: The text to be displayed at the top of the column
  • Type: Type of data to be entered. Note that columns can be either text, number, or selection list selections to be entered by the user, or may be auto-calculated based on entries in other columns.
  • Width: Column width
  • Style: Formatting to be applied to line item data in this column. Can be Text, Number (whole or decimal), or currency.

To configure a Custom Select List type, first specify the column type as “Custom Select List”, and then click on the words “Custom Select List” in the Type column. The “Enter Choices” window will appear. Enter one choice per line in the text area and click save to configure the list.

Line Item Sum:

Click the “Sum Settings” tab in the question configuration window. Select the corresponding Line Item question from the “Line item question to sum” and click “Save”. The Sum Settings tab will be updated to show a list of columns from the selected Line Item question.

Check the columns to be summed and click “Save”.

Using the Line Item and Line Item Sum on a Form:

A Line Item question will appear on a form as below:

To add an item, click the “Add New Entry” button on the top. Enter in the data, using the Tab key to advance to the next column. Press “Enter” at the end of the row. Any auto-calculated columns or Line Item Sum questions will update automatically as new data is entered into the Line item question.

Click the “Delete” icon to delete a row. Click on any previously entered data to edit that value.

Note that data is not saved until the form is submitted.

Rules and Notification:

Line Item and Line Item Sum data can be included in rules and email notifications, much like any other form data. For Line Item Sum questions, rules can be based on the value in any specific column. For Line Item questions, rules can be based on the number of line item entries. When a Line Item question's full value (ie the whole grid) is selected to be included in a notification, the corresponding line item sum will be included also. This is as in the display in the Request Detail in the portal.


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