Reports: Creating

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This article will cover how to:

  • Create a new report
  • Copy, Delete and Export a report
  • Use links/API options


To create a new report, navigate to Reports -->  Add New Report under the Administration menu:


You will be presented with the following dialog:

Once all required fields have been completed, select Save.  The following is a list of each attribute and its purpose:

Attributes Options Required Description
Title Free Text Yes This will be the name of the report as presented to your end users.
Category Any Category Yes This is the category where the end user would look for the report under the My Reports menu.
Description Free Text No This description is displayed to the end user when they are viewing the report under My Reports.
Return rows of
Requests, Tasks or Custom Yes

If you are summarizing form specific data (like the project cost entered on the form), you may elect to summarize the data at the Request level or  the Task level.

The assumption is that with Request level summarization, you are looking to sum the values for a single form input by one user.

If you have a form task that is completed by three people on the same task and you would like to summarize all three values for that task, you would select Task for the summarization.

If you need to build a report that queries the internal or an external database, choose Custom.

Process to Report On Select the process you would like to report against. No Select the specific process and process version you would like to report against. You can leave this empty if you are looking to create a report using data from more than 1 process.
Is Queue? Checkbox Yes

If not selected, then the report will retrieve any task or request information regardless of the user's involvement in that particular process you are reporting against.

If selected, then the report will only retrieve task information based on open tasks for the user executing the report for that particular process.  Additionally, a link is provided from the report directly to the open task for that user to complete.

Show options for building charts? Checkbox Yes If you want to display either a line, column or pie chart with the report, select this option.


Once you add a Report, the Report Details tab will display.  From here, you can Delete, Copy or Export the report:



Links/API Options

For customers that have the Integrify API, the Administrators can select the Links/API Options button to see how to link to the report.  This allows for the report to be linked to from external webpages and/or within an Integrify HTML Panel widget.


Simply copy the code from here:

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