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The Launch Request task type allows for parent requests to launch related requests with unique request ID's and their own process definitions.  As the process administrator, you may want a process to kick off separate but related requests in order to simplify the parent process task flow, segregate data from the parent process and have different branches of a parent process work independently.

We will use a New Hire Request as an example of configuring a related request with the Launch Request task type. First, choose and add a Launch Request task type from the Tasks menu.

In this example, we will add 1 Launch Request task type that will trigger a related 'Background Check Request' after the 'Approved' milestone is completed.

Within the Launch Request task configuration, you will have these options for the General Settings tab:

  • Process to launch as child request - this is the process to be launched at the point you want in your parent process flow
  • Name of child request (optional) - this will give the request a name as shown in the Request Detail of the child request.  If left blank, the name will inherit the Child Process name. You can also insert a customized name of the child based on a question field in the parent process by inserting the question's ID in brackets (i.e. {4345}).  You can find the question ID from the Questions tab of the Form task in the parent process.

  • Form containing data to pass to the child request (optional) - If you want to pass form data from the parent to matching fields in a child request form task, make a selection here.
  • Form in child request to receive data (optional) -  You can choose from any form task in the child request to pass the data to.
  • Requester of child process (required) - Choose who the requester of the child process will be.  This could be 'This request's requester', 'This request's client' or the completer of any task in the parent process.
  • Client of child process (required) - This is the client option for the child process.

Once you have made your selections for the General Settings tab, select the Advanced Settings tab from within the Launch Request task configuration.  This will give you the following options:

  • Task Completion Requirements- This will allow you to define the completion of the Launch Request task based on the child process being started or completed.
  • Process Completion Requirements- This gives you 3 options to decide if there should be any dependencies between the process completion's of the parent and child processes.
  • Parent View Options- This will give you 4 options in how you want users to view the related requests from within either the Parent's or Child's Request Detail.
  • Child View Options- If you have multiple child processes, you can decide if you want this Child Process to be visible within the other siblings's Related Requests section of their Request Details.

Once you have made your configurations of the Launch Request, select Save to save your configurations.  Below is an example of the Request Detail of the parent request in action.

You can see the Related Requests section is included in the parent process.  Based on our configuration, we can see the child process Current Status, Last Status Update and Relationship. If the user that is viewing the parent processes Request Detail has an open task within the child process, the user can also see that reflected under My Open Tasks. The user would be able to select the task icon here and be directed to the open task.

Based on the Launch Request visibility options that were configured, users (as shown above) can see the parent or child related requests.

Also, you should note that the request ID's are different between the parent and the children processes, indicating a segregation of data and independent process flows.

Launch Request task types allow for the last milestone from the request it launches to be used in start rules for subsequent tasks in the parent process.  For example, if you have a request that was fired from a Launch Request task that ended with one of two milestones, you could use the Data > Launch Request > Launched Request Status to create a branch in the parent process.  Below is an example.  If the parent and launched requests contained tasks similar to the following:

Portion of the Parent Process End of the Launched Process

Assuming that the Launch Request task in the parent has a value of Task completes when child process is completed for its task completion requirements, IT would allow the parent process to branch its flow.  Below are the start rules fort the Escalate to Collections milestone task of the parent.





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