Processes: Standard Tasks: Approval Task

The Approval task is used to provide users with approval options such as approve, deny, re-work, etc.  The task can be used by one-to-many users, provides an excellent way for group collaboration in decision making, and a logical decision point within your process.

When an end user is assigned to an approval task, he or she will be presented with the options as defined by you as the Process Administrator:

An option selected by user in an Approval task will always be displayed in the Request Detail for a request but it won’t necessarily update the status of the request itself (see Milestone task configuration).

Basic configuration

After you have added the Approval task to your process, hover over the task and select the Configure Task option.

 You will be presented the following dialog:

To add a new option, select Add Choice and just type the option in the Approval Option text box and select “Save”:

The option list may be re-ordered by click and dragging a particular option up or down the list.

The Complete Task if Selected option for an Approval task option is used only in cases when there multiple recipients are required to complete the task (see Task Recipient Configuration and Process rules).    In most approval scenarios, if multiple recipients are assigned to an approval, it will require that all people assigned to the task select an “approve” option for the task to complete but it will only require one person to select “denied” for the approval to be complete.

By marking an approval task option with a “Yes” in the Complete Task if Selected option, it is informing the workflow engine that if one person selects that option (even if the task is assigned to ten recipients) the task will end immediately.





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