Processes: Configure Rules - Overview

For any task within a process in Integrify to execute, it must be given some kind of starting point. This starting point, or Start Rule, tells the Integrify workflow engine under what condition that a task should start. These Start Rules are the business rules that dictate the flow of your process based on a task completing, a task completing and data entered on a form, etc.

The Process Flow visually represents these relationships by drawing a blue line (a Transition) between each task where the Start Rules have been defined:


As with all processes in Integrify, a default Start Process icon is added to all Process Flows. In this example, we can see that the first task to execute after the process is started is a Form task called New Hire Form based on the line drawn between the two tasks.

Note: It is easiest to read an Integrify process with a top down approach. Any Transition coming into the top of the task indicates a Start Rule condition. By following that line you will arrive at the task that will initiate it.

Similarly, a Transition is also drawn between the New Hire Form and the milestone called Submitted. This indicates that once the form is submitted (i.e. it is status of Completed) that the Milestone task will execute.

It is possible to configure your process such that it may fork and execute down one of many paths individually or even in a parallel fashion:

In this scenario, we can see that once the Background Check Request child process is completed, one or all three subsequent form tasks will execute.

It is not possible by just looking at the flow as above to determine the rules, however, if you hold your cursor over the Transition between the Background Check Request child process and Hardware Delivery Form task, Integrify will display the Start Rules for how the Hardware Delivery Form task will start:


What this Rules pop-up states is that the Hardware Delivery Form task will only start when the Background Check Request child process has been Completed and that the person who completed the New Hire Form task has selected an option for the question 'Hardware Needed'.

In the following sections we will discuss how to configure Start Rules for any task in your process and the various options available when configuring these Start Rules.





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