Processes: Process Flow

The Process Flow is the primary tool for both viewing process structure and adding/configuring any task in your process. In this section we will discuss:

  • The Process Flow Canvas and Navigation
  • The Tasks Menu

Process Flow Canvas and Navigation

The Process Flow is a large canvas for you to build your process. When you first create a process you will be presented with a blank canvas with the exception of the common starting point task called Start Process:


Any interaction with the canvas is accomplished via drag-and-drop from options available on the Tasks menu (such as New Task) or using the context sensitive menus available for each task that you add to your process:



As the number of tasks grows within your process it will exceed to the size of the visible canvas within your browser window. To view tasks that are not visible on the canvas, you may simply click on the canvas near or on the process flow and scroll with your mouse or use the scroll bars.  You can also move portions of the flow with a left click and drag to grab the tasks that you want moved in the canvas.

  • Refresh: Will undo any uncommitted changes to your process flow.
  • Zoom: Allows you to Zoom in/Zoom out
  • Connection Style: Allows you to reshape the transitions lines between tasks.  Simply click on the transition line and then select a style of your choice.

  • Indicators: These options allow you to display either the Rules that will trigger tasks in your process or Recipients of the tasks in your process.  This allows you to quickly see and review your task transitions and recipients.

  • Print, Poster Print and Show Icons: These offer different options for viewing and/or printing your process flow.

  • Advanced: Auto Arrange (Horizontal, Vertical). Use built-in algorithms to rearrange your flow into a horizontal or vertical heirarchical flow.

 Tasks Menu

The Tasks Menu will always be available for any Process Flow in the left-side panel of the Process Flow canvas.  From this menu, you can add a new task to you process.  Simply left click and drag and drop a task to a position you want in the canvas.


Once you have added a task to the canvas, you will be given the opportunity to name the task.

Note: See Tasks section for more information on adding tasks to a process flow, task configurations, and task types.


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