Forms Overview

Integrify uses Forms as the primary means to gather information from users during the execution of a process.  You may define as many forms as you need within Integrify and you can also present multiple forms within a single process if necessary.

All Form creation and editing is completed within Integrify so there is no need to install additional editors/software on your desktop:


The Integrify Form Builder enables any user with basic knowledge of using a word processing tool to manipulate the layout of the form.  The Form Builder allows the user to drag and drop form questions, change fonts, add custom styles, etc.




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    Anne Purcell

    My version of integrify doesn't look like this.

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    Looks like we goofed on the screenshots. You're currently on Version 6 of our software and these screenshots are for Version 7. The rest of the Forms admin Help uses the correct screenshots. We'll get these replaced right away.

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