Why are notifications from our cloud instance being dropped, blocked or marked as spam?

As you know, there are many problems that can occur during the coarse of any given email transaction.  Whether you have already started having some issues receiving notifications from Your Integrify Cloud server, or you would like to prevent possible problems in the future, here are some considerations and tips that may help.  Note, that this post is directed mostly towards Admins.

First and foremost, the most important vital for Integrify Trials, Shared Cloud and Private Cloud accounts are:
Fully qualified domain name: cloudmail.integrify.com
IP Address:

Here are some tips:

  • 'Allow' Integrify's Cloud Email Server

    If possible, allow email communications from our server to bypass your spam/virus algorithms.  If your company is receiving a lot of notifications from Integrify, this will have the added advantage of saving cpu cycles.

  • Whitelist' your integrify system email address

    If you cannot set your server to completely allow email from our server, you can add the email address you are using for sending in Integrify to your server's global whitelist.

  • Add our server to your SPF record in DNS

    Integrify already has an valid SPF and PTR record for our cloud server.  You should only need to add/edit your SPF record in DNS if you are using a system email address from a domain other than 'integrify.com'.  For example, if your cloud instance of Integrify has a system email address of notification@mydomain.com, and your email address is me@mydomain.com, AND your email server does ReverseDNS and SPF record checks to validate email then without an SPF record that contains either "ip4:" or "include:integrify.com", the email MAY fail.  See http://www.openspf.org/SPF_Record_Syntax for more information on SPF format.


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