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Approval by Email Configuration

You can configure the Approval Task to allow users to complete an approval task by email by doing the following:

First, you must make sure that you have the Service URL defined within the System Configuration Settings.  Go to System Settings -> System Configuration Settings -> locate the ServiceURL row and click the Value column as shown below:

For customers with an installed license, you will need to define the URL where the service resides in your environment.  For customers with a hosted account by Integrify, you will need to define it as such:


When configuring the approval task that you want to allow recipients to complete by email, go to the Approval Task within your process and select Configure Taskfrom its task menu:

Add your approval options in the Approval Choices tab as shown above, then select the Advanced Settings tab:

Check the box in the Allow Approval by Email option under the Email Options section.  Select 'Save' to save your configurations.  Next, select Notification Settings from the Approval Task's task menu:

You will now need to insert the choices from your Approval Task into the email that goes to the recipients of the task.

As shown above, select the Source from the Approval Task (Data) and then the Fields you want to insert into the email notification.  For the HTML format, this will display the field names in the email for the recipient to select.

Note: If you are using the TEXT format option, you will also need to type in the field labels next to the fields that you insert into this email notification so the recipient can see the field label in the email.

An example of the email notification that is sent in HTML format is below:

When the recipient selects their choice from the email message (through either their desktop email program or a mobile device such as Blackberry or an iPhone), the task will be updated and the following confirmation page will be displayed:






Customize the above landing page for approval by emails:

You can customize the message for the landing page that appears once a user makes a selection for their approval task from within their email.

Enter your message into the field for 'Text to display when approval selection is recorded':





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