Database Sources

Database Sources Library

You can define and save your database connections into a reusable library to choose from for future task configurations. You will be able to use any of the saved database connections that you define here when you are configuring any of the task types (Database Push, Database Pull, Grid) that require a database connection OR when you are configuring a database query requiring a database connection for a field within form that you are creating (see DB Settings tab for editing fields/questions under Forms).

This allows you to have a central repository of commonly used database connections that can be used for definitions across processes and forms.

To add a database source, choose Database Sources under the Administration leftside navigation pane and then Add Database Source:


Once you have selected Add Database Source, you will be presented with the following:

Just like configuring a DB Push task, DB Pull task or the DB Settings for a field in a form, you can make the following database connection configurations:

Attribute Option
Name None Yes The Name of the database connection.
Description None No The description of the database connection.
Server/Data Source None No The name of the server/data source for your connection.
Database Name None No The name of the database for your connection.
Username None No If required for connection, the username for your connection.
Password None No If required for connection, the password for your connection.
Provider SQL Server, Oracle, OLE DB No

Pick the provider that corresponds to your database environment.

Use Custom Connection String Checkbox No Select if using a custom connection string for the database.
Custom Connection String   No By default, if no connection string is added Integrify will look to its internal database.

For a SQL server connection string it will be like:

Password=YouPassword;User ID=YourUserid;Initial Catalog=YourCatalog;Data Source=YourServer

For an Oracle connection string it will be like:

Password=YourPassword;User ID=YourUserID;Data Source=YourSchema

For example, we have a Database Source saved as 'Integrify DB'.  You can see it as a choice for Connection when configuring a task:

Or when configuring the DB Settings tab for a field in a form:


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