System Settings: Edit Translations

Once you have selected Edit Translations under System Settings, you will see the below System Labels tab:


Within the top row, you can select from different languages (additional languages can be added).  Note: the translated labels for different languages would appear for certain users based on the user's language setting in their profile.  i.e. if Joe Smith's language setting is Spanish, he would see the labels for the Spanish language option here.

First, choose the language you want to translate:



Then, click on Edit pencil icon for the row containing the default label and translation that you want to edit.  The window below will appear:

Enter the translation in the open field and select Save.  This will update Integrify to display the translation for wherever that label appears within the user interface.

You can also filter the labels to quickly find the label you want to translate by clicking within the Default column header, then typing in a filter to find the associated labels.  See below:






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