Email Monitors

Inbound Email Monitors

Email monitors allow you to define an inbox for an email address that you wish to monitor for incoming email messages and when a message arrives in the mailbox, it will generate a new request in Integrify.  The data that would be captured will include the following:

  • "Subject"
  • "Sender Name"
  • "Sender Address"
  • "CC Addresses"
  • "Date/Time"
  • "Date"
  • "Time"
  • "BodyText”
  • "BodyHTML"
  • "Body"
  • "Attachments"

These data points could then be used as prefill-data and within your business rules for routing during process execution.

Configuring an inbound email monitor

Select Email Monitors from the Administration leftside navigation pane and then Add Email Monitor:


Once selected, you will be presented with the following to configure an email monitor:

The following describes the attributes that you can define:

Attribute Option
Name None Yes The Name of the email monitor.
Description None No The description of the email monitor.
IMAP Mail Server Host Name None No The fully qualified domain name of the IMAP Server you wish to use for this connection
Port None No The Port for your connection.  Standard IMAP ports are 143 for non-SSL and 993 for SSL connections
Use SSL Checkbox No If using SSL for your connection.
User None No If required for connection, the username for your connection.
Password None No If required for connection, the password for your connection.
Process Selectlist No

The process you wish to initiate from the inbound email.

Task Selectlist No Dynamic based on the process selected.  The task within the process you wish to complete with the inbound email.(See more below)
Active Checkbox No Select to make the email monitor active.

Here's an example of an Email Monitor configuration:

Once you have saved an Email Monitor, you can see that the process 'Email Monitor Test' will start and the task, 'Email Form' will be completed with data from the inbound email.

Form task definition for the Email Monitor

When you define a process and its Form task that will start based on an email being received in your configurations, you will need to ensure that the Form used in your Form Task has questions have specifically titled questions.

The Form Task in the Process to Receive Data: The form task that will accept the data from the email.  The values passed in from the email are: "Subject", "Sender Name", "Sender Address", "CC Addresses", "Date/Time", "Date", "Time", "BodyText”, "BodyHTML", "Body", and "Attachments".  Your Forms must have questions with labels of these names in order to receive the desired data.

See example of a form with the question types required to use:

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