Reviewing Requests

To review requests that you have started, you can select ‘My Requests’ from the left-side Navigation pane to see all of the requests that you have started.


A new tab will appear with a complete history of all the requests that you started.  Select the 'View' option next to the request that you want to see.  You will be able to see the Request Detail, Flow View, Discussion tabs and current status of your request:



You can optionally choose to view or change the ascending/descending of the column. Select the arrow next to the column you want to work with:


Or select and change the filters available by searching within the request list:

To clear a filter that you set, select the Restore Default button and the 'Yes' for the confirmation window: 

At the bottom of your requests, you can also page through all of your requests (if you have more than 15 requests).



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