Starting a New Request

There are two primary methods to starting a new request:

  1. Searching for a Request
  2. Browse for a Request

With either method, you will be presented with a list of processes and descriptions (in a search results list or a category list) that you have been granted authority to start.

To start any process, just select the start request icon that that is always located in the Navigation pane and the 'Go to...' option:

Once a process has been started, an optional window will display prior to triggering the first task in the process (this option is controlled by your Process Administrator):


This new window contains key information concerning your request:

ID: This is the unique number given to your request by Integrify.

Name: The name of the process you are starting a new request for.

Category: The category where the process is stored.

Enter a short description for the request: This is an optional field but you may enter any data in this field as a ‘friendly’ name for you to reference.  This name will display in you’re My Tasks list or any or widget in Integrify that displays your requests.

Submit the request on behalf of: This option enables you to search for another individual in Integrify and submit a request on his/her behalf.  For instance, your manager would like you submit a new Fileshare Access request on her behalf, you can select her name here and it will be tracked within Integrify that the request is submitted on her behalf by yourself.

At this point, the request has not started, if you change your mind, just close the New Request tab in your workspace and nothing will be recorded in Integrify.  If you are ready to start the request, just press the Start Request button:


Depending on the process you start and how it is defined, it will vary what may happen next.  In many cases, however, you may be presented with a form to complete.  The following is the initial task in a Marketing Campaign process which requires the person initiating the request to complete a form:


Once an initial task has been completed, will notice three tabs:

  • Request Detail
  • Request Flow View
  • Discussion

The Request Detail displays all of the information concerning a given request of a process such as the name of the person who initiated the request (the Requester), the person who a request was submitted on behalf of (the Client), the date a request was started, the current status of a request, etc:


Additionally, for each task that has been started or completed in a request an entry will be made in the Task History section of the Request Detail tab.  The task history provides a detailed overview of every aspect of the request as it is executing such as who is assigned to a task, who completes a task, dates/times tasks are completed, even the data associated with a task as it is completed such as answers on a form.

A more visual representation of a request is available under the Flow View tab.  This tab contains only the diagram of the entire process.  Any task that has been completed will be in color while those tasks that have not been completed will be shaded gray:


If you hover your cursor over any of the tasks that have been completed you will receive information such as the task name, when it was assigned, to whom it was assigned and its current status.

Finally, each request has a Discussion tab (can be configured by your Process Administrator so as not to be included).  The Discussion area let’s any individual that is associated with the request (assigned a task to completed, received an email notification, etc) add additional comments and even attachments to be associated with this one particular request in Integrify:


After you have completed the task, you may close the particular tab in your workspace.

To access the request again, you may navigate to My Requests and then select In Progress for a filtered list of requests that have not completed or Completed if you only want to view a list of requests that have completed:


To view the history of a request from any of these filtered views of requests, simply select the icon ( ) in the View column and you will be presented with a new tab containing the Request Detail, Flow View, and Discussion tabs again.


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