Options for SSO and AD Sync

Integrify Standard Authentication: User Name and Password managed in Integrify.  Password pattern and length requirements, as well as expirations settings, can be used to enforce corporate password policies.

  • Availability: Shared (Public) Cloud, Private Cloud, and OnPremise

Windows Integrated Authentication (pass-through): Users are logged into Integrify automatically based on their network user name.

  • Availability: OnPremise only

Custom SSO: Users are authenticated via a third party application which makes a call to the Integrify External Authentication API.  This returns a token that is used in a URL that the application redirects the authenticated user to.

  • Availability: Private Cloud and OnPremise with API access


User Profile Management:

Integrify Portal: Add/Edit/Delete users from within the Integrify portal.  Integrify can perform an initial load of user profiles from a CSV or Excel file.  The system can be configured to allow users to update their own profiles and for self-registration.

  • Availability: Cloud and OnPremise

Active Directory Sync - This is a Windows service that may be installed on a server connected to the customer’s Active Directory.  It will query the directory based on settings and push profiles directly to the Integrify database.

  • Availability: OnPremise

API Access: Customers write their own programs to push users into the Integrify system through our API.

  • Availability: Cloud and OnPremise with API access

Direct Database Access: Manage the Integrify Profile database tables directly

  • Availability: OnPremise and Cloud with Private DB Only (Additional fees may apply)


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