Open URL Plugin

The Open URL Plugin launches a specific URL as part of a process flow.  The site can be launched in a new window and can reference remote or internal URLs.  In addition, data from the request can be passed using parameters.

Plugin Configuration

To configure the Open URL plugin select it from the Task options and drag it into your process canvas.

Select Configuration > Configure Task to access the window below:

To configure the Open URL plugin you must define the following, located on the settings tab:

  • URL to navigate to:  The website address, including "http://" if applicable, that you wish to open.
  • Web page title:  The name, or appropriate description, you want users to see as the process triggers the URL to open.

Yes/No Settings:

  • Open web page in a new window - This will force open a new tab or window within your browser and preserve the request in the current one.
  • Open web page automatically - Selecting "No" here will prompt the user to open the site rather than do it automatically.

To pass Data Values to the website click on the Query Parameters tab:

Map each parameter to the source of the data within the request and click "Close" on the Configure screen when complete.

Training Example:

The Open URL plugin can be especially useful when users need to access data from internal websites (employee IDs, Cost Center Details and other difficult to remember data.)

Our training example is an Employee On-boarding Site where drug testing through a specific organization is required.

At the onset of the request the user will enter their Address information as part of a "New Employee Information Form." The system will then open the testing company's location directory in a new tab and pass the city, state and zip code of the new employee to the site so that locations will be shown sorted by proximity.

The configuration of the Open URL Plugin in this scenario is shown below:

Note:  Each site you interact with will have different mapping and parameter - please consult their developer's notes or other documentation for parameter information.

In this example, when the user submits their New Employee Information Form the process will automatically open the following window for them:

The details of the data passed, as well as a copy of the URL opened are saved to the Request Detail:



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