Overview of Plug-Ins

Integrify's Plugin Architecture Provides Extended Functionality

(Note: If you're interested in purchasing additional plug-ins, please contact us at sales@integrify.com)

You can see the full list of plugins here.

The Task Plugin architecture allows Integrify and partners to create custom application logic that can be executed at any point in a process. The plug-ins can be completely automated or can present user input screens as part of their execution.

The plugins also may present an interface to administrators for configuring initialization properties.

Finally, the plugins can capture and expose data to the rules engine, allowing the workflow to adjust its course based on any number of data points.

Outline of Plugin Architecture

The Integrify product is built upon an extensible architecture that enables clients to add additional/custom functionality that is beyond the scope of the core Integrify product line. This custom functionality is added via Integrify’s Plugin API which enables clients to build custom tasks that are executed with the execution plan of a
process by Integrify’s workflow engine. An Integrify plug-in can essentially do anything a programmer has the ability to write:

  • Push or pull data between Integrify and other systems
  • Integrate with existing databases
  • Leverage existing information in Excel
  • Update internal


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