Adding Tabs

After logging into Integrify, you will be directed to a consolidated portal that will look something like:

Note: the layout and type of widgets available on the dashboard may differ slightly depending on your Integrify set-up. This default view can be controlled and customized by your Integrify Administrator.

The portal environment has two major areas:

  • Navigation
  • Workspace

The Navigation pane on the left-hand side of the portal provides the necessary navigation to the major areas within Integrify for you to:

  • Start a Request
  • My Requests
  • My Tasks

Each item in the navigation pane has various items which will open additional items in the Workspace.  For instance, if you were to select My Requests, a new tab will open in your Workspacelisting all of the requests you have initiated:

As shown above, the Workspace pane on the right-hand side of the portal is dynamic. As you select items within the Navigation pane, the Workspace will display new tabs or views of data for you to interact with.

You can also choose to filter your requests by selecting the 'Viewing: All My Requests' or 'Search' options.  You can easily filter by My Requests In Progress or My Completed Requests as shown here:


By selecting My Tasks, you can filter by Open, Past Due and Completed:


For instance, in the example above, by selecting My Requests, you are presented with a new tab within your workspace that contains a listing of all requests that you have initiated within Integrify.  If you were to select the icon in the View column another tab in your workspace will open with details concerning the request you have initiated:

As an end user to Integrify your interaction with the system will be to initiate new requests or to complete tasks that have been assigned to you within a request.


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