Configuring Widgets

Most but not all Widgets will offer some level of individual configuration.  This configuration enables you to further personalize how the widget looks/behaves and offers you a great deal of flexibility to suit your personal needs as a user of Integrify.

In this section we will look at:

  • Re-name Widgets
  • Adding and Moving Columns
  • Saving Preferences

Re-naming a Widget

One basic configuration available to all Widgets is the ability to re-name the widget.  To re-name a Widget, double-click on the widget title and select Edit Title.  You will be presented with the following:

Simply type in the new name for Widget and press OK.  Your configuration settings will be automatically saved and your new Widget title should be displayed:

Adding and Moving Columns

In most cases, the columns that you are presented with when a Widget is added to your Tab are not all of the columns available.  If you would like to add or remove columns within a Widget's grid you can do so by hovering over any column in the grid and clicking on the down arrow that appears.  This will display a configuration menu that will allow you to sort by that particular column, add filtering options, etc.  Hover over the Columns menu option and you will be presented with a list of available columns for the grid:

To add or remove a column just check or uncheck the box next to the column in.  In this example, we have selected Process to be be displayed:

Columns may also be moved once they are added to a grid.  To move a column, click and drag the column to the desired location within the grid:



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