Release 65.150.6001 (June, 2015)

New Features:

API Enhancements:

  • User updates can now be made using partial information. Existing values that are not passed in are preserved.
  • New options allow you to conditionally save data and complete the task
  • Ability to post comments and discussions
  • New integration routes
  • Support for advanced server authentication options
  • New option to listen to selections from Searchbox result groups
  • Support for prefill and returned data with line item question types

Task Management Report – Customers now have the option, at the system and report level, to expose task management to key users through a custom report.


Systems and Diagnostics: Additional error logging and improved handling

API Updates:

  • User API routes error messaging updated
  • Text correction in rest-client logging
  • Data container code updated for better performance

Session Timeouts: Users will no longer received the "Authentication needs to be refreshed" pop-up when their session times out – instead they will be immediately redirected to the login screen.


Other Fixes and Corrections:

  • Corrected issues with menu functionality in Chrome
  • Error handling corrected to redirect instead of throw
  • User posting a URL with a bad token will no longer encounter an infinite loop


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