Categories: Overview

A Category in Integrify is a logical placeholder where you will store Processes, Forms and Reports.   When your end users need to initiate a new process (a Request) he or she will be presented with a list of categories that contain processes:

If a user needs to request time off for vacation he/she will navigate to the Human Resources category and select the Vacation Request process to start.

The names of categories and the parent-child relationship of categories are entirely up to your Integrify Administrator.   It is recommended that you:

  1. Make category names relevant to the users in your organization.  Don’t use acronyms or abbreviated category names unless your entire organization uses those same acronyms across your entire organization.
  2. Logically create your category list based on how your users work.  If your users are used to working within business areas such as Corporate, Finance, and Human Resources, then make your category structure reflect this.

If they are used to working based regional areas such as US, UK, Canada, then it might be best to organization your processes regionally and then categorize them further beneath the regions.

No matter the structure the goal will be to create something easy and intuitive for  your users to find the processes they need quickly.

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