System Settings: System Update

The System Update area of Integrify eases the update process of your installation and verify that updating was successful.  This option is only available to OnPremise customers, as Integrify support keeps Cloud customers up to date.


Running A System Update

By selecting the Run System Update option under System Settings > System Update, you will be presented with a tab having options pertinent to updating your installation.  There are two ways to use the System Update function from within Integrify.  Both options require you to download the compressed update, patch, or release from the Integrify Customer Download Area.  You received information on how to access this area upon becoming an Integrify customer.



The 'Upload a patch file' option allows you to upload a compressed file (zip) containing an Integrify installation package or patch that you previously downloaded from the Integrify Customer Download area of our web site.  To begin, simply click the Upload File button .  This will display a dialog for you to upload provide the file name of the file to upload.  Click the browse button and locate the update file you wish to apply to your installation.  Once you have located the file on your system, select it, and click Open to continue.



Click the Upload File Button to upload the file to Integrify. This make take some time as the patch files are relatively large.


The 'Enter path/filename of patch on server' provides an alternative to uploading the patch file through Integrify.  If you have problems using the upload feature, or wish to download the patch file directly to your Integrify server, you can supply the full path to that file on the server here.  For example, type in C:\Integrify5\Web\Service\ if you download the file to the service directory of Integrify.

NOTE: Make sure that the Integrify Application Pool Identity has full rights to the location you provide when using this option.

Regardless of which option you chose, you are almost ready to start updating your installation.  Prior to running the update, you need to Log into your Integrify Host system and stop the Integrify Task Processor Service, and the Integrify ADSync Service.  Once these two services have been stopped you can return to your browser, and click the 'Run System Update' Button.

At this point the Integrify System Update program will detect your current Integrify settings, unpack the zip file provided, update the files, and run any necessary database scripts needed to keep your installation current.



You will stay informed of the status as the update proceeds.



Once the update is complete, you will be presented with a dialog asking you to restart the application pool.  You will also be reminded to restart the services we stopped earlier.   Select yes to continue.







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