Schedules: Reports

By selecting Scheduled Reports, you can:

  • Schedule reports to be emailed to a recipient(s) at a set time or on a recurring schedule
  • Specify the report, the user(s) to be the recipient, the start/end dates and the frequency
  • View and modify previously defined reports that have been scheduled

Use for quarterly meetings, proactively notifying management or audit committees and more!

To schedule a report: select Scheduled Reports under Schedules from the left-side navigation pane:


Next, select New Schedule. The below popup window will appear to define the settings for your report schedule:


The following describes the attributes that can be defined:

Attribute Option
Name text Yes The name of the schedule.
Email To email Yes The recipient (s) of the email. For multiple recipients, use a comma to separate the email addresses.
Email From email Yes The email address that will be used to send the report.
Email Subject text Yes The subject of the email.
Body text No Other content that you might want to include with the report link.
Report to Send Selectlist Yes The report to schedule.  Once you select a report to schedule here and schedule, the link to the report will be included in the body of the email (after you schedule, you can select edit to open the schedule to see the link as it appears to the recipient).
Format Selectlist Yes The format of the report.  Either: Excel,Comma Delimited or Excel - 2003 or previous versions or Tab Delimited.
Run As User Lookup Yes The user that you want the report to be started by (if a named user is not needed, just create a general user account of your choice and then add here. i.e. Integrify System.)
Schedule Status Selectlist Yes The status of the schedule.  Either Scheduled or Inactive.  
Start Date Calendar Yes The start date of your scheduled report.
Hour Selectlist Yes The hour of the day to start your report.
Minute Selectlist Yes The minute of the day to start your report.
AM/PM Selectlist Yes

AM or PM.

Frequency Selectlist Yes Select to either One Time or Recurring (if recurring, see the optional fields below)


If choosing to schedule a recurring report, you will be able to define the following settings:


Below are the attributes.

For more information on understanding the GMT Server Setting Timezone (for Integrify Cloud customers) and how to relate to your timezone, please see the process scheduling example.  

Attribute Option
Months Selectlist No Choose to recur in intervals of months.
Days Selectlist No Choose to recur in intervals of days.
Hours Selectlist No Choose to recur in intervals of hours.
Minutes Selectlist No Choose to recur in intervals of minutes.
On Month(s) Selectlist No Choose to recur on a specific month of the year.  You can choose multiple months here.
On Day(s) Selectlist No Choose to recur on a specific day of a month.  You can choose multiple days here.
On Hour(s) Selectlist No Choose to recur on a specific hour of the day.  You can choose multiple hours here.
On Minute(s) Selectlist No

Choose to recur on a specific minute of the hour.  You can choose multiple minutes here.

End Date Calendar Yes The End Date for the scheduled process.
Hour Selectlist No The End Hour of the scheduled process.
Minute Selectlist No The End Minute of the scheduled process.
AM/PM Selectlist No AM or PM.


The Report Scheduler offers many different options and combinations for scheduling your report.

If you are defining a recurring report, you must choose an End Date and either one option from the Recurring Schedule section or the Advanced (specific units) section or options from both.

Below is an example of how you might schedule a report to be emailed:


Note: If are note receiving your scheduled reports in your email, this troubleshooting article may help: Why am I not receiving scheduled reports?


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