Widgets: Overview

By selecting Widgets under the Administration left-side navigation pane, you will be able to see the list of available Integrify widgets, along with any widgets that have been added to the system:

Below is a list of the available Integrify Widgets. These can be inserted on Shared or User-Defined Tabs.  Each Widget listed will have a brief description on what they do.

Available Integrify Widgets Description
Chart Widget (Do Not Delete) Default widget for displaying charts. Do not remove or set "Allow users to add to their personal tabs" to Yes.
HTML Panel A simple widget that allows you to edit and display free-text in HTML format.
Monitor Requests Monitor requests for processes where the user has Monitor permissions.
My Latest Open Tasks Five latest open tasks.
My Latest Submitted Requests Five most recent submitted requests.
My Open Tasks Condensed view of open tasks with paging.
My Priority Tasks List of your tasks flagged with a high, medium or low priority.

My Profile

Options for managing your profile
My Submitted Requests Condensed view of submitted requests with paging.
Reporting Widget (Do Not Delete) Default widget for displaying report and queue data.  Do not remove or set "Allow users to add to their personal tabs" to Yes.
Start Request - Browse Processes Browse processes to start a request
Start Request - Search Processes Search processes to start a request
Todays Messages Announcements, Alerts and Tips.


Widget Examples

Our Widget API allows developers to embed Integrify UI components into their existing web applications and sites. Common examples include:

  • Embedding a form that launches a process
  • Embedding an Integrify Shared Tab
  • Embedding and Integrify Report
  • and more...

Quick Start

Cut and paste embeddable code from the Integrify portal. Yes, it's as simple as that.


Advanced options allow you to tap into events to fill forms, load follow on tasks and more.


View complete code examples.

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