Widgets: Introduction

Integrify offers increased flexibility for process and workflow management, including an Integrify Widget Architecture.

An Integrify widget enables you to provide information to the user or a have them complete a task. Examples include:

• Embed "My Assigned Tasks" on a portal.

• Put a Report widget on a portal.

• A potential client fills out a "Contact Me" form on an internet web site.


Available Integrify Widgets include:

• My Latest Open Tasks (all or latest 5)

• My Latest Submitted Requests (all or latest 5)

• My Priority Tasks (Tasks flagged with a high, medium or low priority)

• My Profile (Options for managing your profile)

• Start a Request (Browse by Categories or by Search)

• Monitor Requests (Browse by Categories)

• HTML Panel (free-form HTML)

• Today's Messages (Announcements, Alerts and Tips defined by the administrator)


Note: Additional custom widgets that are needed can be created by Integrify’s Services Group upon request.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 August 2013 23:45


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