Shared Tabs: Creation

Video: Setting up a Shared Tab

To add a new Shared Tab, select Add Tab from the Shared Tabs option in the left-side navigation pane under Administration:


* Provide a Title for the shared tab (this will display as the tab title to the user)
* Optionally provide a Description (for Administrator only)

Select ‘Save’:

Once you have added a new tab, you see your tab in a list of your shared tabs.  You can then drag and drop the shared tabs into the order you want the user to see when they log into their portal (Note: See Permissions for tabs.  Not all users will have access to the full list of Shared Tabs you are managing. So, you could have a user or group with access to the Resource Manager Home (tab 1) and then Reviewers Tab (their tab 2) as shown below):


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