Process Monitors

Integrify Administrators can define themselves or other users with 'Monitor' permissions of any given process.  This capability will allow users to monitor all request activity for the given process or processes that they have been given monitor permissions for.

First, select 'Monitor Requests' from your left-side Navigation pane.  This will display a new tab called 'Monitored Requests'.


With this view, you can see all request activity from any user for the process(s) that you are a Monitor for.  This is read-only access.  You would not need to be defined as a recipient of any task within a given process or need to be the requester in order to see the request activity.  With this view, you can optionally select the Search option to expose and set filters for the request list.  Example below:


In this example, we show a filter that renders just the request activity for a 'Background Check Process'.



You can then drill into a certain request by selecting the view icon next to the request you want to monitor.


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