Process Owners

By utilizing roles for any given process, the Integrify Administrators can define themselves or a group of other users with the ability to 'Manage' a process.  If you are given this capability, it means that you can manage all requests for the process.  This includes reassigning or restarting any previously started or completed task in the process.  This gives the user the ability to restart and reassign tasks on the fly.  For example, if there is an approval task and the recipient has ignored his or her open task, the user with Manage permissions can restart and reassign the task to someone else for completion (the reassignment will be captured in the requests' task history).  Select the 'Manage Requests' option in the Navigation pane:


Optional filtering of the requests that you can manage can be accomplished by selecting the Search option:


After locating the request you want to manage, select the action item to the left of the request.   There are 2 options - Manage for this Request (Reset Tasks/Reassign Tasks) and Delete Request.

By selecting a the checkbox for the request that you want to delete and then selecting 'Delete Request', you will delete the request.  This action will perform a soft delete - removing the request from the user's reports and cancelling open tasks but not at the database level.

To reset or reassign tasks, select the 'Manage for this Request' pencil icon next to the request you want to reset or reassign tasks for:


There are two choices to manage a reset or reassign tasks, you can select either the 'Request Management - Flow' OR the 'Request Management - List' tab for the request (Next to the request's 'Request Detail' tab). Note: The 'Request Management - List' tab will only display the completed and 'in progress' tasks.

By selecting the 'Request Management - Flow' tab, you will be presented with the task flow view for the request.  You can now hover over any of the tasks within process and you will be presented with the option to Reset Task or Redo Task Completion (do not reset data).  By selecting Reset Task, you are setting the status of the task to initialized which will lose any previous data that was completed for the task and if there were recipients of the task, they would receive that open task again.  By selecting Redo Task, the task status will still be captured as completed and the data from that task will remain (Use this option if you don't want to lose the previously captured data of the task but want to re-trigger the subsequent tasks that start based on that task being completed):


If you click on a task in progress (an outlined task as below), you can either Reset, Redo or Set Recipients.  If you hover over a completed task (a task icon in color), you will only be presented with the Reset and Redo options (as shown above) but if you hover over a task that is 'In Progress', you can then choose to 'Set Recipients' for that task:

Reassign- After selecting 'Set Recipients', you will be presented with the window below.  From here, you can search for the users that you want to be recipients of the task.  You can optionally type in the first two letters of a name to search or simply select the search icon and be presented with all users.  To add or remove a recipient, grab the user's name and move it to or from the right window (you can add multiple recipients) and select Close to save your changes:


You can also choose to manage a request by selecting the 'Request Management - List' tab for the request.  Note: This will only display the completed and 'in progress' tasks.

If you do this you will be presented the screen below:

From this list view, you can perform the same management options as described above.



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