Adding Widgets

What are Widgets?

Integrify Widgets are typically, although not limited to, discreet views of data that you have access to within the system.  For instance, My Latest Submitted Requests Widget displays a sortable list of last 5 requests that you have submitted and allows you to select a request to view in detail.  Alternatively, you may also see a standard widget such as Today's Messages.  This Widget displays specific messages as configured by your Integrify Administrator.

Most Widgets are configurable in some fashion.   For example, almost all widgets will allow you to change the name of the widget but some widgets will display may columns of data than others, some allow you to add filtering on specific columns, etc.

Adding Widgets

To add a Widget to a custom Tab that you have created, select the Add Item icon on your custom tab and choose the Add widget to tab option:

You will be presented with a list of Widgets that you have been granted access to use by your Integrify Administrator.  The list you see below and the list Widgets you have access to will vary:

The list will display the name of the Widget and a small description of its functionality.  To add a Widget to your custom Tab, just click on 'Add' for the row in the Widget list and Integrify will place the Widget on the tab:

Here, we have added the 'My Open Tasks' widget:

It is possible to add the same Widget twice to the same Tab.  This can be very useful if you are want to have multiple views of the same data.  For instance, say on your page you wanted to have two My Open Task Widgets but in one of the Widgets you only wanted to see Approval tasks and the other you wanted to see Form tasks.  This is possible by adding those widgets and then setting filtering options for each Widget (see Configuring Widgets).  Just like editing the name of the tab, double click the title of the widget to edit the widget name or filter.  You can see the example here:


Once you have added your Widgets, it is possible to re-arrange the tab layout and move your Widgets around.  To move a Widget to another area on your tab, simply select the Widget header by left-clicking and begin to drag.  As you do this, the Widget will become semi-transparent and if you drag over to a new column target area to drop the Widget will be displayed:



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