Release 65.150.7101 (July, 2015)

New Features:

- Integrify Central: Proxy support for OnPremise customers
- API Enhancement: Added endpoint to Get Approval configuration options


- PDF Generator Plugin: Added features to Signature insertion
- Improved error messages
- Tasks: Carriage returns and trailing white space removed on save.

Bug Fixes:

- Schedule Report: Corrected rights expiration issue.

- Manage Task Report: Corrected view to allow combined recipients column (not available in Oracle).

- Localization: Labels will now be visible on default Integrify login page.

- Developer Form: Added missing readonly view for Developer Form

- Monitor and Manage Requests: Corrected issue preventing users from restoring previously deselected columns (Support Case #12125).

- Excel Batch Task: Corrected configuration error. Added Support for Excel 2013 (Support Case #12166)

- API: Fixed MakeRequest endpoint (Support Case #12211)


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