Release 65.150.8101 (August, 2015)

New Features:

  • Added API endpoints for listing reports and listing a reports exposed filters


  • Develop PDF back to latest released, added one check for error with signature file
  • PDF task - more detailed message for missing field Added support for static routing in sub folders
  • Added support for Express4 “mini-app” routers for our own modules. This gives us the option to set up mount-points and routing in a separate router instance.
  • Added code to do a client-side redirect without the token in the querystring if it exists
  • Updated express and bodyparser modules

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected issue where process object permissions were ignored if category permissions existed
  • 12109 - Corrected task level permissions that were being ignored or treated as duplicates in the event that the user was also in a System Administrator role
  • 11788 - Excel 2013 support fixed
  • 12125 - Corrected issue causing first hidden column to disappear from monitor/manage requests widgets.
  • 12086 - Corrected issues where page number was not updating after a change was made to a group
  • 12077 - URL marked read-only on forms are now clickable.
  • Added missing readonly view for developer form
  • Added contact_guid to possible return values from fn_inline_contact_value


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