My request won't flow to the next task.

If you are troubleshooting a process that won't "flow" to the next task, the first place you should concentrate on is general task configuration, then start and recipient rules of the tasks directly after the last completed task in the request.  Some reasons why a process will not flow are listed below:

  1. General task configuration issues:

    Make sure that all the tasks following the completed task in the request are completely configured.

  2. A user type task (and task that needs user interaction: forms for example) did not get assigned a valid recipient.  This can occur when:

    • Using dynamic assigner tasks to define recipients that does not provide a valid user
    • The task has been statically assigned, or dynamically assigned using a dynamic assigner, a user that has been inactivated in the system
    • Incomplete recipient rules are defined for the task where all possibilities are not defined (similar to the example below).
  3. Opposing start rules are not clearly or completely defined:

    It is common if your question allows multiple answers (for example a checkbox), that rules have not been completely defined for all possible cases as they should be.

    In this example, our completed form asks what equipment is needed:

    When we look at the request details for a completed request we can see how the data is stored by the system:


    To account for the multiple values (or the chance there will be based on the users selection) you need to use "Contains" in your rules rather than "Is":






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